Office Reader II

Occupation lens for near and intermediate distance

Office Reader II is a great lens for office and computer work since it offers extremely wide intermediate and near visual fields and very easy adaptation. It’s ideal for middle-aged professionals who spend a lot of time working at near-intermediate distance (office workers, chef, musicians, etc.). The near and intermediate vision regions cover the entire surface of the lens, ensuring wider optimized areas. In addition, the soft design guarantees easy adaptation and unbeatable comfort. Office Reader II offers 4 vision ranges to cover all the patient’s needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Personalized office lens
  • Exclusive for indoor environment. Not suitable for driving
  • Large intermediate and near visual field
  • Ergonomic position for working indoors
  • Improves vision for wearers using electronic devices thanks to Smart Add technology
  • High precision and personalization thanks to Digital Ray-Path® technology
  • Variable inset and thickness reduction

Available in 4 vision ranges:

  • Office Reader II 1.3 m – Clear vision up to 4 ft
  • Office Reader II 2 m – Clear vision up to 6.5 ft
  • Office Reader II 4 m – Clear vision up to 13 ft
  • Office Reader II 6 m – Clear vision up to 19.5 ft